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BERMUDEZ TAMAYO, Clara Economic evaluation of the QUARISMA trial 2013 – 2015
MATINGOU, Vivien L’évaluation du système de surveillance épidémiologique du Congo Brazzaville 2020 to present
VAN DER WAL, Ran Aligning government support programs with the needs of young women in Botswana: implementation research on obstacles and solutions to women empowerment (Ad hoc committee member; Director Neil Andersson, McGill University) 2016 to present
PEREZ OSORIO, Myriam Cielo Assessment of intervention fidelity in cluster randomized trials in low- and middle-income countries (co-Direction with Valéry Ridde, IRD Paris) 2015 to present
SOSSA, Fortuné The effects of parental education on child malnutrition and mortality in Benin: longitudinal analysis (co-Direction with Thomas K Legrand, Demography, Université de Montreal) 2010 – 2019
MINOYAN, Nanor Systematic review of methodological quality in cluster randomized  trials in low- and middle-income countries (DEPA degree) 2015 – 2016
ALOUKI, Koffi The costs of diabetes in francophone West Africa (co-Direction with Hélène Delisle, Nutrition, Université de Montreal) 2012-2016
AUGUSTE, David MITACS (remote) 2020
HAYDARY, Muzhgan UNICEF, New York (remote) 2020
MANGA, Johanna UNICEF, New York (remote) 2020
MARTIN, Coraline World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva 2020
MARTIC, Jana World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva 2020
MOREAU, Mathilde Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, Geneva 2020
BAH, Mamadou Kally Organisation mondiale de la santé (WHO/OMS), République démocratique du Congo (North Kivu) 2020
SYLYUK, Maria Gram Vaani, India 2020
LEDUC, Bertrand World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva 2019
RIMOUCHE, Sabrina The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Rome 2019
HALLÉ, Julie World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva 2019
FONSECA SAINT-CYR, Niki Le Secrétariat International de l’Eau (SIE) (Pérou) 2019
DJORDJEVIC, Irena World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva 2019
DELACAS, Melinda Gram Vaani, India 2019
RAKOTONARIVO, Rindra Gram Vaani, India 2019
LEFEBVRE, Joanie IIHMR Jaipur, India 2018
NDARUHUTSE, Janvier Icddr, b, Bangladesh 2018
OTIS, Alexandra IIHMR Jaipur & Gram Vaani, India 2018
PLOURDE, Janie IIHMR Jaipur & Gram Vaani, India 2018
TCHELIBOU, Joseph CUSO International, Benin 2018
BOJANOWSKI, Claudia Gram Vaani, India 2016
JEDWAB, Romy Mercedes IIHMR Jaipur, India 2016
NASH, Eleanor IIHMR Jaipur & Gram Vaani, India 2016
RODGERS, Louis IIHMR Jaipur & Gram Vaani, India 2016
TRÉGAN, Florence IIHMR Jaipur, India 2016
ABOU RIZK, Cybil Pratham Education Foundation, India 2015
BERGERON-CARON, Cassi INCLEN International (Delhi), India 2015
MUKAMANA, Olive Pratham Education Foundation, India 2015
MINOYAN, Nanor Pratham Education Foundation, India 2014
MERCIER, Magali Unité de santé internationale, Montréal 2011
OKONDA, Alexis Unité de santé internationale, Mali 2011
BARRY, Naima Unité de santé internationale (USI), Guinée 2007
HEILPERN,Kimberly Centre Hospitalier de l’Université McGill, Montréal 2007
YANG, Jennifer St. Mary’s Hospital, Montreal 2006
KABA, Hady JHPIEGO Guinée 2020
AUGUSTE, David Assessment of Missed Opportunities for Vaccination (MOV) in India 2020
HAMILTON, Renée Population health needs assessment in Nunavik, Québec 2013 – 2019
PEREZ OSORIO,    Myriam Cielo Strategies to increase the demand for childhood vaccination in developing countries: Systematic review and meta-analysis 2012 – 2015
BUSSIÈRES, Ève-Line A systematic review of services for child development 2011 – 2014
MOULTON, Kristen An ethics framework for HTA reviews at CADTH 2011 – 2014
ALQAHTANI, Awadh Cost-effectiveness of breast cancer screening in Saudi Arabia 2011 – 2013
KULKHAN, Temirkhan Cost-effectiveness of cardiovascular care in Kazakhstan 2011 – 2013
HIEMO, Alexis Okonda VIH/SIDA – petit poids de naissance (travail dirigé) 2010 – 2012
ABAUNZA, Albert Leonid Legal aspects in relation to the use of wiki-intranet and the production of clinical practice guidelines at the Institut national d’excellence en santé et services sociaux (INESSS) 2009 – 2011
GOLUBEV, Sergey A. Systematic review of compliance-modifying services for essential hypertensives in a low middle-income country 2007 – 2011
GRIMARD, Dominique Maladies chroniques et l’accès aux soins de santé en Inde 2007 – 2011
LALIBERTÉ, Benoit Cost-effectiveness of a remotely operated radiotherapy unit: The case of tele-radiation oncology in rural Quebec 2007 – 2011
WASSEF, Maggy Systematic review of HPV vaccine efficacy 2007 – 2010
AKO-ARREY, Denis Cost-effectiveness of programmes to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV: A systematic review 2006 – 2010
VALDIVIESO, Roger Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME) 2007 – 2009
PELLETIER, Catherine Impact of the Central American Free-Trade Agreement on Public Health in Guatemala 2004 – 2008
SHARIATI, Batoul The economic cost of HIV infection in Iran 2003 – 2008
PILOTTE, Isabelle Needs assessment study of services for women surviving gender-based violence (GBV) in Guatemala 2004 – 2007
GERBIER, Marion Access to essential medicines in developing countries and Canada’s Bill C-9 2004 – 2006
DOUSSAU, Amélie Neonatal ICU Ethics & Health Technology Assessment 2003 – 2006
EL-HADI, Wissam Validation of the VETO (Venous Thrombosis Outcomes) study cost diary 2003 – 2006
CEBALLOS, Rosa Maria Programa de mastografía móvil para comunidades rurales 2005